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You may have noticed some changes to the SeaPerch Kit ordering pages.  We're making some changes to the site and hope you'll pardon any inconvenience that may occur.  Thank you for your support as we continue to expand and add exciting new elements to SeaPerch!

If you are ordering for a SeaPerch Program, we suggest you have the following information ready before you begin.
Addresses of all locations in your program where a SeaPerch will be conducted
Number of students and teachers who will be experiencing SeaPerch
Dates of any events planned for your program
Executive Summary of your program

If you need a copy of our W-9 you may obtain a copy here. Please submit your Requests for Sole Source Vendor, along with any other questions, to Alice Alexander at AAlexander@SeaPerch.org

To learn more about the SeaPerch Program, please visit SeaPerch.org The following items are available for sale.

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 SeaPerch Kit  - $169    SeaPerch Tool Bag  - $235    SeaPerch Kit w/o Battery - $134
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 Controller Parts Pack - $115    Thruster (15-Pack) - $115    SeaSwitch (5-Pack) - $144
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 SeaPerch Manual (10-Pack) - $25    Solder Practice Kit - $8    PCB (5-Pack) - $30
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 Propellers (15-Pack) - $40    SeaPerch Medal - $3    

SeaPerch in the past has been generously underwritten with federal grants, but the current financial environment has reduced the funding and we need to start charging more to support the broader program.

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Should you have any questions or problems during your order process, please email Alice Alexander at