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Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 10:00am

Welcome to RoboNation! We’ve stripped away the passport control and the customs and border security lines in order to make your arrival as easy and simple as it can be. Now that you’re here, look around and explore our part of the world.

If you love robots, and you must or you probably wouldn’t be here, you’re in the right place.  As you look around, what you see is just the beginning. The rapidly growing field of robotics is expanding faster than almost anyone can keep up with. From drones in the skies to subs in the oceans, and everywhere in between, we’ve got a growing community of robots and their humans. We need you to help build and shape the RoboNation community. So invite your friends and contribute to the numerous areas where you get to play a role here.  And most of all, have fun!

A great way to get involved in RoboNation is by participating in one of the many programs you’ll find listed here.  You may be a university student or still in middle school; or maybe you’re a teacher or volunteer seeking new activities for students. It’s likely we’ve got a program or competition that’s right for you. And if you are an educator in need of training or some kind of other support to get up and running, we can help you with that as well.

If you are a Robot enthusiast and just want to keep up with the latest news, what’s happening near you and events, make sure you join the Nation and we’ll keep you informed.

Finally, we plan to keep building at RoboNation. No walls or toll roads or highways, just new listings for events, opportunities for internships and careers, and new episodes of our exciting RoboNationTV. Check it all out and then let us know how you liked it. If you have ideas and suggestions for improvement, we want to hear.  Thanks again for stopping in!