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The following discounted/complimentary materials are available to RoboNation student teams:


MathWorks is proud to sponsor the RoboNation Competitions. Each Team participating in a competition is eligible for an offer of Complimentary Software License(s). MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. Learn more about MathWorks support of these competitions.

This software offering will give you access to training and technical support along with MathWorks' community of 100,000 MATLAB & Simulink users and MathWorks employees through MATLAB Central.

Here's how MathWorks will help your team succeed:

Complimentary Access to MATLAB & Simulink

Your team is eligible to receive complimentary access to MATLAB and Simulink. For information about license configuration and to request the software, click here.

Advantages of this license include:

Getting Started Guide

MathWorks has created a Getting Started Guide just for you! This guide shows you how to control and develop algorithms for Unmanned Vehicle Systems. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • Running MATLAB and Simulink on a Desktop Computer
  • Communicating using UDP, TCP/IP and Serial
  • Deploying an Executable to the Desktop
  • Accelerate MATLAB code using codegen and mex
  • Visualize and Cluster Point Clouds;
  • Acquire and Perform Direction of Arrival Estimation on Acoustic Signals and more! 

Complimentary Online Training

Your team can take advantage of the various online software training materials.

  • MATLAB Onramp
    • Brief overview to the MATLAB programming language. The course includes demonstrations, quizzes, and hands-on MATLAB practice sessions.
  • Computer Vision Online Training
    • Get started with designing and deploying computer vision algorithms using MATLAB and Simulink here. Topics include:
  • Object Detection
  • Automatic Image Registration
  • Feature Matching
  • Point Clouds
  • Stereo Vision
  • Line Detection

Technical Support/ Community

  • Connect with the 100,000+ community of users through MATLAB Central. Find existing questions/answers related to RoboNation tagged with #robonation.
  • MATLAB and Simulink Robotics Arena Facebook group for participants of the RoboNation competitions

If you have specific, technical questions, please contact Connell D'Souza at


DS SolidWorks is proud to sponsor RoboNation teams with software. Apply for a complementary 12-month Student license of SolidWorks with Simulation (RobotX, RoboBoat, RoboSub, IGVC, SUAS, and IARC teams are eligible) To apply, visit and click on “click here for team sponsorship” to register.




Fischer Connectors has been designing, manufacturing and distributing high performance connectors and cable assembly solutions for more than 60 years. Our connectors are known for their reliability, precision and resistance to demanding and harsh environments.

We support RoboNation and the competing teams because we believe in innovation, and love working with the engineers who are involved in these types of competitions.  Fischer Connectors will provide rugged IP68-rated connectors to teams involved in RoboNation competitions.  Our connectors are IP68 tested at a minimum of 2 meters/24 hours.  Select connectors are rated higher if more depths or time is needed.  Some connectors may be provided free, others may be discounted. While we have some connectors on the shelf, most have a four to six week lead time, so plan accordingly.

Website: (Feel free to use chat to discuss options)

Technical specifications:

Phone: 678-393-5400

Follow us:


Autodesk is pleased to offer students and educators participating in RoboNation competitions free access to Autodesk® software and learning resources. Based on the nature of the competitions, the following software is recommended. All software is intended for ages 13+ unless otherwise noted.

Click here for resources listed by RoboNation competition.

What are you waiting for? Access your complementary software now!